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Hi there , my name is Slavi Barnev. You have just visit my Album Nature, let me share with you some of the photographs I’ve taken during my trips around the world. As a passionate adventurer and travel photography enthusiast I’ve enjoyed capturing many pictures.

The camera is just a tool to enhance that vision.

Nature Photography or witnessing fascinating sunsets and sunrises and breath-taking landscapes scenery from around the world, for example this one from Norway.

Lake at the end of the village at sunset, still water and snow mountains at he background
Lake at the end of the village                                                                              Slavi Barnev Photography



It was end of the day raining all day, typical day in Norway in late autumn , and I love it. Then just before sunset the sun broke through the low clouds and painted the horizon with fire.

I remember the silence, orange moss on the stones, purple colours in the sky and the fragrance of forest after rain. (and my shaking cold hands adjusting tripod on a slippery rock)

I have been traveling a lot in the past 20 years, and with the time started my desire of searching the perfect scenery of the perfect Landscape.

Nature Photography



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